Digital Citizenship

 Responsible Use Agreement

 Pukekohe East School believes in a Digital Citizenship model for supporting safe and responsible use of the internet in teaching and learning.  An important part of this is that we are able to show others what that responsible use looks like while we are using technology in our learning.

When using information & communications technologies (ICT) at Pukekohe East School I will always be a good digital citizen.

This means that:

I will be confident and capable user of ICT.

I know what I do and do not understand about the technologies that I use. I will get help where I need it.

 I will use ICT for learning as well as other activities.

I understand that technology can help me to learn.  I also know it can also be used to talk to people, to buy and sell things and to have my opinion heard. I know when and where it is OK to do each one.

 I will think carefully about whether the information we see online is true.

I know that it is easy to put information online. This means that what I see is not always right. I will always check to make sure information is real before I use it.

 I will be able to speak the language of digital technologies.

When people talk online the things they say can be quite different from a conversation they might have if they were sitting next to each other. I know that I must try to understand what people are saying before I react to them. If I am not sure, I can ask them or someone else to explain. 

 I understand that we may experience problems when we use technology and that we will learn to deal with them.

I understand that there will be times when technology may not work as I expected it to, or that people may be mean or unkind to me online. When these things happen, I know that there are ways I can deal with it. I also know there are people I can go to, to get help if I don’t know what to do next.

I will always use ICT to communicate with others in positive, meaningful ways.

I will always talk politely and with respect to people online. I know that it is possible to bully or hurt people with what I say and do on the internet. I will think about the effect that my actions have on other people.

I will be honest and fair in all of our actions using ICT.
I will never do anything online that I know will hurt anyone.  I will make sure what I do is not against the law.  I will make sure that my actions don’t break the rules of the websites that I use. When I am not sure about what I am doing I will ask for help.

I will always respect people’s privacy and freedom of speech online.

I understand that some information is private. I will be careful when using full names, birthdays, addresses and photos of other people and of my own. I also know that I will not always agree with what people say online but that does not mean that I can stop them or use it as an excuse to be unkind to them.

I will help others to become better digital citizens.

Being a good digital citizen is something that we all have to work at. If I know that my friends are having problems online, I will try to help them. If I see that someone is being unfairly treated online then I will speak up rather than just watch it happen.


Student User Agreement for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

and computer use at Pukekohe East School

Students may only use their device or class computers under teacher supervision.

The school is NOT responsible for the security and insurance of personal technology. A locked cupboard will be provided in each classroom for the storage of personal devices during break times. Parents/guardians will be expected to put in place safe procedures for transporting the device to and from school. All devices must have a sturdy case and cover.
Personal devices must be charged prior to bringing to school, and must run off its own battery while at school (including Assistive Technology laptops).
The school may collect and examine any device at any time for the purpose of enforcing the terms of this agreement, investigating student discipline issues, or for any other school-related purpose.
All internet access shall occur using the Pukekohe East School wireless network. Use of external wireless or cellular connections for accessing the Internet or creating a wireless tether is not permitted.
Devices brought to school or issued to individual students as Assistive Technology are solely for the use of the owner or designated student (for Assistive Technology).  Co-operative work in group situations will occur, but the owners or designated student will remain in charge of the device at all times.
There will be no printing allowed from personal devices.
No technology support for personal devices will be provided other than to connect the device to the school’s network. Any hardware faults will be the responsibility of the owner.  Recognising the rapidly changing world of technology, the minimum specifications for personal devices will be reviewed regularly.
Bringing a device to school and using school computers is a privilege and students wishing to do so must demonstrate an agreed level of responsibility, ICT knowledge and Digital Citizenship.
 You will have signed this agreement as indicated by this the above conditions and guidelines.
a)      I understand and will abide by the above guidelines. I further understand that any violation is unethical and may result in the loss of my technology privileges as well as other disciplinary action. While all students may not have a personal device we all need to be aware of expectations and protocols related to BYOD, Assistive Technology and use of school computers.
b)       We have read and discussed the attached letter and the Responsible Use Agreement and agree to these responsibilities.
If you wish to have a look at the site below you will get advice about internet safety at home as well.