iPad Basics

iPad Basics Afternoon Pukekohe East School held 22/10/14


Key points:

To assist with use in the classroom use of iPads.

  • Help site: help.apple.com  All you need to know!

  • Email address needs to be set up- use parent’s one - iCloud or go to settings + mail, contacts and calendar + add account so easy to monitor use- used to email files as required.  Not used as email as such.

  • Set up iTunes account/Apple ID- do not link to credit card.

  • Install Find My iPad

  • Set up iCloud so as to free up space and use as back-up

  • Passcode- rather than using passcode to get in, use passcode to put restrictions on e.g. in app purchases.

  • In Safari or Chrome browser have a look in History to keep track of what you child is looking at on the internet.

  • Keep up with updates- app (in App store) and iOS (Settings + General + Software update). All updates and app downloading to be done at home.

  • Set up folders- home games in one and school apps in another. No games played at school.

  • Teachers will specify what apps are needed

  • Using App Store- once purchased can be deleted from screen and got back easily.

  • iPad charged at home and brought every day.

  • Disable in app  purchase (see below)

How to turn off in-app purchases on an iOS device:

  • Turn on your iPhone or iPad. ...

  • Inside Settings tap General.

  • Toward the bottom of the page you should see the Restrictions. ...

  • Tap the Enable Restrictions button.

  • Once Enable Restrictions has been tapped, you'll be asked to create a passcode.

Any questions please contact class teacher in first instance.